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(Top Row) Taylor Haggard, Jenna Green, Ryan Smith, J. Budro Partida, Logan Pall, John R. Jew

(Bottom Row) Robert L. Moore, Rees Newlin, James Law, Ray A. Roberts II, Joseph Fotinos, Andrew Forbis

(Not pictured: Joy Lin. Photo by Brandy Bassett Fotinos)


"Upon seeing the introductory preview video on the crowdfunding site, it was obvious to me that this group of people knew how to tell a compelling story in a whimsical and memorable way. We had been reviewing a number of movie/video/streaming content projects that were seeking our support and/or funding and I literally showed my partners (out of some frustration) the intro video to "BEWERE" saying to them, "Why can't our people present us something like THIS?"....I consider myself to be an extraordinary story-teller...and they impressed me as exceptional story-tellers too. It became obvious to us that IF we were going to consider this project as an example of how we feel it SHOULD be done, THEN we were going to have to fund this project so that it COULD be done.”


Douglas Kosarek

As a former professional video shooter and also as an experienced grip and sound man, I could talk for hours about the little things that I recognized that demonstrated to me that it was going to be something we HAD to be involved with...they say the "devil is in the details" and they NAILED the details."


Tom Pastore


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